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December 30, 2005
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[[ EDIT: HINT: To those who havent picked it up, yes, there IS a random element in this, in which you can hurl Vinyl Records (Inspired from Matt), Anks (Inspired from Draconica), and... Bubbles (TN)... also you can throw Sinks, Bathtubs, Toilets... duckies XD... yeah XD Theres a certain way to seeing it... It relates to the "Blitz Storm" (Details on that in the Tutorial Seciton). See if you can find it XD]]

[[NOTE: if you arent bothered reading the rest of this desc, keep in mind that for some, you'll have to download this and play it (if your computer isnt powerful). This'll help it run smoother (only for slower comps).]]
[[ Requires Flash 8 to play properly, can be downloaded from here: [link] ]]

Okay XD Started this project a lil over 3 months ago.
Uploading this today cause i wont be available over the weekend ^^; and its my biggest project for 2005 ^^ So i wanna upload it before the year ends XD

Twas simply inpired by a pic from a great buddy: [link] XD
And I wanted to try makin a game, n needed an idea XD... so yeah - this popped into my head at the right time ^^;

Anyway, this is my first game i've made in Flash, so yeah, no crits thanks. I'd like to improve at my own pace with Flash, as all of it is all self taught - yeah, self taught, so i cant point to any good tutorial sites since i havent been to any. And im not using it for anything work/school related since i picked it up, so yeah, so crits thanks.

This certainly had some phases of work where i could have died trying to make things work to a satisfactory standard. But there were some parts that were fun to do :) Like the final stages of addin new spells n attacks XD.... [also called beta testing XD]

But yeah, did this mostly to see how far i could go with what skills i've taught myself in Flash and Animation. :) I'm really happy i got myself this far with both ActionScript and Animation after a year actually, i thought i would have taken longer XD

DIFFICULTY SETTING: Changes the max number of zombies on the beach at one time.

In terms of controls n stuff... theres quite a bit... ^^; so instead of me writing them here, i'll point you to the "How to play" and "Tutorial" sections of the game. But i'll just let you know that the keyboard controls are on the left of the keyboard. (around the "A", shift, "Q", etc..) But yeah, if you dont like the keyboard controls, you can customise them yourself in the "Options" screen. The mouse is always your target pointer thingy.

You can go to the options screen to change your time limit of each game.
Once your time limit runs out, you'll head to the statistics screen. There, you'll find some text at the bottom left of the screen that you can hilight n copy. Feel free to paste that into your comment :) [There's limited "Styles", cause i couldnt be bothered thinking up much more names n stuff.]XD

The lil random element in this would be the "Blitz Storm" ^^; You can find a lil info on it in the Tutorial section. If you cant get it, note me n i'll letcha know.

For those who have more powerful computers, you can go to the Options screen and change the game's quality higher. The default for the quality is set at "Auto Low". Which means it'll start at "Medium" quality until more activity goes on in the screen. "High" without "Auto" will keep it on high quality while you play.

I know it may get a lil tough starting off, but once you get the ball rolling, it rolls for quite a while ;)

Well, enough of my babble XD
I Hope you have fun :)

Take care, be safe

All the stuff can be found in the loading screen.
All things used in this has been used with express permission.
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Combo Chaos Bringer
Score: 61835
Category: Hard D (9 min)
Style: Charging Balance
Score: 484585
Category: Hard D (9 min)
Style: Charging Chaos Master
Score: 761223

People play this game still :P
Haha, gee whiz :)
Thanks, s'nice to know that it is still played.
Ghost-In-A-Shell Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, and fav'd. ^^
Ghost-In-A-Shell Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
That's one of the best flash games I've played in quite awhile. Pure awesome. :3
oh my god it was addicting
Category: Hard A (3 min)
Style: Combo Balance
Score: 61736
Oh my GOD. All three of those furries are SO HOT!!!
Agreed... Well, except for Matt.
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